Rate Cleaner

The tool that helps you to validate content uploaded to GDSs and easily identify room rates with most serious errors.

Rate Cleaner helps hotels keep track of the data presented in the GDS day-to-day and maintain rate quality to ensure seamless distribution of the entire hotel inventory.

Business need
Our market research confirmed the need for a simple tool to detect errors in room rate descriptions. Outdated hotel systems do not provide such solutions. So we have created an application that realistically automates and speeds up the work of hoteliers.
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Benefits for the customer
• Instant identification of missing data in room rate descriptions
• Rapid error's correction possible with a single application
• Increased direct sales through GDS channel
• Reduced costs for covering booking issues
• Reports on data quality improvement for property managers
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Rate Cleaner features

• B2B cloud SaaS application
• Instant quality check of room rate details and rules uploaded to GDS
• Easy identification of common issues with missing data in room rate descriptions
• Clear visualization of data correctness and completeness
• Tips to eliminate errors when loading data from PMS/CRS systems
• Access to designated system areas for selected user types
Typescript/React, React Query, React Router, Formik, CSS Modules, ESLint
PHP 8.0/Laravel, MySQL, Cashier (Stripe), AWS EC2, Mailgun
Time of project implementation:
2 years
Travel Minds
Hospitality industry
Type of work:
B2B SaaS application

What we did


• Identification of problems in the distribution chain
• Market analysis
• Interviews with members of the hospitality industry


• Information architecture
• Interaction design
• Application interface design

Software Development

• Data architecture
• API development
• Web development

IBMS System

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