Cloud BMS

Cloud platform with centralized management of diverse objects/buildings dispersed in many locations.

We created a BMS system that allows for remote monitoring and management of individual buildings and groups of objects through communication with the PLC controllers installed in them.

Business need
During market research, it turned out that building automation systems are based on outdated and expensive solutions. So we decided to create a cheaper and easier-to-use BMS platform.
Blocks. Application view.
Benefits for the customer
• Low implementation costs compared to existing SCADA solutions
• Scalable cloud application running in SaaS model
• Precise analyses and reports on utility consumption
• Maximizing the efficiency of electrical devices
• Minimizing energy costs

Cloud BMS features

• Fully scalable cloud SaaS application
• Easy integration with controllers
• Measurement of energy usage and other media consumption
• Automatically generated reports and analyses on energy and other utility consumption
• Real-time alerts and notifications for facility operations
• Mobile application for service technicians handling the infrastructure of facilities
• Creating work schedules for devices’ performance
• Access to designated system areas for selected user types
React, Redux Toolkit, TypeScript, Tailwind
CSS, Storybook, React i18n
PHP 8.0/Laravel, MySQL 8.0, Elasticsearch, Laravel Cashier (Stripe), AWS S3, AWS EC2, Redis, Mailgun
Time of project implementation:
2+ year
Own product
Industry 4.0 / IoT
Type of work:
SaaS application

What we did


• Market analysis
• Product strategy
• User identification


• UX / UI design
• Information architecture
• Interaction design
• Content design

Software Development

• Data Architecture
• Backend & Frontend development
• Mobile App development
• QA / Testing

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